• Floating Floors Kickstarter banner image showing 3D render of box and physical component setup on left. Floating Floors title and GUF Studios logo on right.
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What is it?

In more detail

Get the ninja clan together for a ninja balancing face off of wits and dexterity:

- Language independent game, enjoyed by young and old

- Intense 1v1 duels

- 2v2 Co-op available

- Tiered player achievements to vie for

- Scalable gameplay complexity

Audience 14+ years or older (though also accessible to younger audiences). 20-40 minutes game time. 2-4 players.

How to play

Craft the Floating Floors

Cross with caution!

Reclaim and master the scattered bansen

Just don't "fall" for the rival's traps... or that of your own!

Quick How To Play

LIVE Playthrough

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